Talbot Street Church is a part of a broader community called the Christian Reformed Church. As sisters and brothers in Christ we boldly proclaim that we all speak the same language. However, we all have different and distinctive accents. The Christian Reformed Church is a denomination that speaks with a reformed accent, having its theology profoundly shaped by the thinkers and writings that emerged in the Reformation era, particularly the thought and writings of John Calvin. However, it is no longer the Reformation era and we still cling to a value that was born out of the reformation: reformata et semper reformanda. We are 'reformed and always reforming.' While firmly planted within the historic orthodox Christian faith, we continue the sacred task of understanding God's truth in our present context. Our biblical theoligical worldview continues to 'reform' as we grow in our understanding of Scripture. We place Scripture as our top authority and have inherited ancient creeds and guiding confessions to direct our interpretation and understanding.

One way to summarize the Christian story with a Reformed accent would be through the lens of Creation, Fall, Redemption and Consummation. In the beginning a sovereign God created everything and he created it good. This inherent goodness roots us firmly in the physical, the material, the creation itself. It prevents a platonic dualism from creeping in that states the physical is bad and the spiritual is good. We understand everything to carry the fingerprints of God. That good creation however was broken by sin (Genesis 1). Sin has a permeating reach on every inch of creation (Genesis 3). But God is a restoring, redeeming, renewing God. He sent his son Jesus to live, die and rise (try the Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) again to provide forgiveness of sins (Let's start with Ephesians 1) and the making new all of all things (2 Corinthians 5). He not only redeems us but invites us to be about the work of redemption. He expects us to invite others to experience his truth and grace and love (How about the great Commission - Matthew 28).  He calls us to shape our present reality to reflect the truths of his eternal reality. We look forward to the day when all will be made new and the new heavens and the new earth will be our home forever (Revelation 21).