Sandra Bork

Director of Youth Ministry
Vision for Ministry:To shape and challenge young people to passionately follow after Jesus
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John DeVries

Pastor of Care
Vision for Ministry: To accompany and be present with hurting persons so that the healing and saving power of Christ may be experienced.

Steve Dozeman

Vision for Ministry: to inspire, encourage and equip the faith community to be passionate followers of Jesus who make disciples.
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Heather Fieten

Ministry Coordinator
Vision for Ministry: To lead, support and equip leaders and members at Talbot Street Church to carry out the logistical and administrative goals of their ministry.
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Laura Nydam

Vision for Ministry:...
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Kyle Reid

Worship Director
Vision for Ministry:...
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Don Steele

Facilities Director
Vision for Ministry:To provide a warm and inviting space to the community, ensure prompt and timely responses to questions, and deliver a memorable experience.
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