Reformed and Always Reforming

Five hundred years ago, some ecclesiastical revolutionaries and rebels, who we now call reformers, were disappointed with the status que. They could not go along with the way the church was operating any longer. So they attempted to reform the church they loved. They laid a new understanding, a new theological worldview, a new way for the church to be the church.

Five hundreds years later we live in the flow of that reformation stream. But some of us have quite missed the point of the reformation. You see, it was never intended to be the end of the conversation. In fact the reformers used an important word that we might have gotten wrong; they didn’t use the word reformed, they used the word reforming and the distinction is crucial!

They understood that they had not gotten it perfect for forever and that the things they said and did and wrote would need to be revisited, rethought, and reworked. Today, we are called to be a part of that process, that conversation, the ongoing work of reforming. That is what this series about: Reformed and Always Reforming.

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