Ly and Navy Chann-Chhay

Navy Chann-Chhay and her husband Ly Chhay were born in Cambodia and were children when the Khmer Rouge regime took power. They were separated from their parents, forced to work in labour camps, and fled to refugee camps in Thailand. Navy became a believer in one of the refugee camps in 1981 and the Lord brought Navy and Ly together in marriage soon after.

In 1985 they immigrated to Canada and were able to further their education. The needs of Cambodia were never far from their hearts and in 1998 they returned to Cambodia for 10 years with CRWRC, and then further study in the Philippines. They are now back in Cambodia, having heard God’s call to join His mission in building up His church there.

They are currently working with Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM) and The Timothy Leadership Training Institute, an organization bringing practical ministry training to Christian leaders who have not had the opportunity to receive formal study. In partnership with World Missions, Navy is the national Coordinator for the TLT Institute. Timothy Leadership Training (TLT) is strengthening key leaders of Cambodian churches and Christian organizations to provide affordable, doctrinally sound, and effective teaching to parts of the world where the church is growing rapidly.

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