• EVACUATION PLAN: Many of you were still on property when the fire alarm went off on Sunday morning. It was a false alarm, and this is a good opportunity for parents to have a conversation about fire alarms with their children and when and how they are to be used. It was also a good test of our preparedness. A reminder that when you hear a fire alarm you should exit the building swiftly but in a calm and orderly manner regardless of the reason for the alarm. And please, move away from the building. The gathering spots for members are on the sidewalks on Kent and Talbot streets. The gathering spot for children and adults in the nursery and WonderKids is the gravel lot between 101 Kent and 535 Talbot (corner building) and parents can retrieve their children there. We've created an evacuation map and linked it to the website, you can view it here.

  • PRINTED LYRIC SHEETS: If you are someone with visibility concerns or find yourself having difficulty standing during worship and your sight lines to the screens are blocked, the ushers can provide you with printed lyric sheets for all the songs sung during worship. Please pick one up at any entrance to the sanctuary.

  • NURSERY: Each Sunday at Talbot Street Church we offer child care for children from birth to age 3. We are welcoming new volunteers for this ministry to allow parents of small children to attend worship gatherings. Please call the office to indicate your willingness to serve in this capacity.

  • ELECTRONIC GIVING: There are two ways you can give electronically using your credit card. If you would like to give on your mobile device just text “give” to 226.400.4255 and follow the prompts. You can also give through our website


    Should we have to cancel worship or other church wide programming our procedure is as follows:
    • We will place a notice on the home page of the website
    • We will send you an email
    • We will put a notice on the church’s Facebook page
    Please share the information with those you know who do not have access to the internet. If you do not receive emails from the church but would like to please contact the office.

  • PARKING REMINDER: Please do not park in the church lot during the week unless you are attending Talbot Street Church for ministry programming, you have permission, or have confirmed that no other events are going on at the church facility. Ministry programming does NOT include Knights games, concerts at the Bud or a lovely night on the town with your spouse.